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Bioflow Filtersystems

Having proven their worth a million times over, JUWEL filter systems guarantee excellent water quality in your aquarium.

Order number 87050

Bioflow Filtersystem

The JUWEL Bioflow Internal filter system, which has undergone several tests by independent institutions, has long been one of the world leaders in filter systems for modern aquariums and has proved its worth a million times over.

Large filter volumes and easy care
The JUWEL Bioflow filter system stands out from the crowd with its extra-large filter volumes. This gives plenty of room for excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtering and ensures a long filter service life and longer service intervals. The filter's design offers you easy access to the pump and heater and the use of special filter cages makes it easy to remove and clean the filter media.
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Lichtstimmung High Lite T5 Day
Lichtstimmung High Lite T5 Day
Excellent filtering using the bipolar current principle
JUWEL Bioflow filter system's unique bipolar current principle makes it possible to achieve different flow velocities, which helps to create the extraordinarily high filtering performance of the Bioflow system. For mechanical and chemical filtering in the upper part of the filter, a relatively fast flow velocity is particularly useful. A slower flow velocity, on the other hand, is useful in the lower part of the filter, to ensure optimum development of anaerobic bacteria, which are vital for biological filtering.
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Ideal flow and integrated heater
JUWEL Bioflow filters come fitted with a highly efficient, silent Eccoflow circulation pump, with performance adjusted to the size of the filter system using scientific criteria. Bioflow Filters are also compatible for use with JUWEL heaters, which are perfectly embedded in the water circulation, ensuring an even distribution of heat through all areas of your aquarium.
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Lichtstimmung High Lite T5 Day
Lichtstimmung High Lite T5 Day
Safety first – the water should stay in the aquarium!
The Bioflow filter system does not rely on hose connections which can reduce performance, often leading to leakages. The Bioflow system is the safest way of filtering the water in your aquarium.
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Top-quality filter media
Every Bioflow filter system comes fitted with six top-quality filter media:

  1. The poly pad catches coarse particles of dirt in the water, thereby serving as a mechanical pre-filter.
  2. The carbon sponge absorbs odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds, leaving you with crystal-clear water. In this way, it acts as a chemical filter.
  3. Nitrax is a biological filter medium containing specialist micro-organisms to break down poisonous metabolites (ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium, thus reducing the danger of fish mortality. What's more, Nitrax reduces the growth of algae by anaerobically breaking down nitrates, thus supporting the vitality of your fish.
  4. The coarse sponge is used for mechanical filtering and makes it easier for bacteria to establish themselves in the aerobic zone.

    Optional: Cirax / Phorax

  5. Cirax is an organic filter medium which creates the optimum conditions for useful bacteria to settle, due to its large, highly porous surface.

    is a highly effective filter medium used to break down phosphates in your aquarium.
  6. The fine sponges are used mainly for biological filtering in the anaerobic zone.
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  Product code 87050
  Product Filter Bioflow 3.0
  Measurements 15,5 x 10,2 x 41,7 cm
  Filter volume 3 Litre
  Filter media Poly Pad 3.0, Carbon sponge 3.0, Nitrax 3.0, 2x Sponge fine 3.0, Sponge Coarse 3.0

Requently asked questions for this product

1. How does the JUWEL filter system works?

The JUWEL internal Bioflow filter system is a biologically operating aquarium filter. The filter is matched to the aquarium volume for optimum performance The capacity of the filter pump is designed for two or more times the throughput per hour (e.g. Rio 180 = 180 litres with a pump capacity of 600 l/hr) This large and structured filter volume in all our systems provides a safe and stable environment for the livestock along with ease of maintenance. The various structured media within the JUWEL internal filter system is optimised to biologically break down pollutants within the aquarium. The dual flow principle: A unique feature of the JUWEL internal filter is the dual flow principle in the Bioflow 3.0, 6.0 and 8.0. The water passes through the two high volume filter blocks at different speeds for Increased optimisation of the biological filter process. Scientifically tested: Scientific long-term tests by independent institutes have proven that the JUWEL internal filter provides best water quality ensuring a safe and healthy environment within your aquarium. At Juwel we believe the water should stay in the aquarium, that's why our filters are there. This provides peace of mind and along with its exceptional ease of use and maintenance provides a perfect filter system.

2. What is the design of the filter?

The special Construction of JUWEL internal filter allows the circulating pump to pull water from both the upper and lower areas of the aquarium. The water passes through the graduated filter media from the top to the bottom, which greatly simplifies the filter maintenance. The filter media are: The white poly pad which act as a mechanical pre-filter. Hint: Quick and simple to replace, it removes large particle waste preventing the rest of the filter from clogging too quickly. The black carbon sponge removes chemical impurities. The green Nitrax sponge contains special microorganisms that break down nitrate and consequently helps reduce the growth of algae. The blue, coarse filter sponge is biological filter stage I. Separation of the water flow Part 1 of the filtered water returns directly via the riser of the pump into the aquarium. Part 2 of the filtered water moves to the second stage of the biological filtration ""slow filter"". Cirax, the white basket houses filter ceramics with large surface areas under aerobic (oxygen-enriched) conditions. The blue, fine filter sponge represents biological filter stage II which operates in a strong manner under anaerobic (oxygen-deficient) conditions. The filtered water then flows back into the aquarium via the circulation pump.

3. What is the best method for me to maintain the filter?

Below are our guideline maintenance suggestions, It goes without saying that the manner and the frequency of the maintenance will also depend on the individual conditions. Our recommendations to clean or replace the media are based on average experiences: Replace the white poly pad on a weekly basis. Replace the black carbon sponge approx. every month. Replace the green Nitrax sponge every 2 months. Replace the blue, coarse filter sponge after approx. 3 months. Replace the white Cirax filter basket with ceramics after approx. 12 months. Replace the blue, fine filter sponge after approx. 9-12 months. (Also refer to the attached figure.) Hints: For safety reasons, always disconnect all electrical devices from the mains before undertaking any work in the aquarium. Never replace all blue filter media at the same time. Check the water level in the filter at regular intervals; a drop in water level indicates that the filter media is beginning to clog and should be changed.

4. Where do I insert Cirax into my existing filter?

We recommend inserting Cirax at the top spot in the lower filter insert.

5. The water flow from my pump seems to be reduced?

As the filter starts to do its job the filter media clogs and as such the water quantity passing through the filter is reduced. This can be seen by a reduction in the water level inside the filter box. The capacity of the pumps is designed to have sufficient reserves to cope with this. Hint: Check the water level in the filter housing during the weekly replacement of the white poly pad. The weekly maintenance of this white poly pad should restore the level.

6. Which filter system do I have?

The respective information on which filter you have can be found in the aquarium passport which is in the Instruction manual.

7. How do I identify a "Bioflow" filter?

The Biolow pump housing has a diamond shaped connector and sits beside the filter media in the filter housing. Advantage: With the Bioflow Filter you can access all the filter media without having to remove the pump.

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