Setup 2

Create a fascinating underwater world
characterised by subtle highlights.
Using the example of Vision 180

Material used:
JUWEL Background Stone Granite
JUWEL Filtercover Stone Granite
JUWEL Conexo
• Black Soil
• Red Moor Wood
• Seiryu Stone
• Micranthemum ‚Monte Carlo‘
• Pogostemon helferi
• Microsorum pteropus ‚Windelov‘
• Ludwigia palustris
• Cyperus helferi


Chosen fish:
• Rasbora heteromorpha
• Puntigrus tetrazona 'green'
• Caridina multidentata
• Clithon
• Otocinclus


  • Step 1: Preparation

    Read here about the first steps you need to take to prepare your aquarium for planting.

    - Setting up the aquarium correctly
    - Mounting the back panel and filter cover
    - Spreading out the ground material

  • Step 2: Planting

    Find out here what you need to take into account when adding plants to your aquarium, and how to set up your aquarium based on the set-up example.

    - Planting advice
    - Plants used
    - Filling the aquarium

  • Step 3: Technology

    Read here how to correctly put your aquarium’s technical components into operation.

    - Putting the filter into operation
    - Connecting electrical devices
    - Installing the light unit