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Step 3: Technology

Read here how to correctly put your aquarium’s technical components into operation.

● Putting the filter into operation

● Connecting electrical devices

● Installing the light unit


7. If necessary, remove the protective film from the filter media and rinse them carefully under running water. Fill the filter baskets with the filter media as instructed. First insert the lower and then the upper filter basket, with the filter media inserted in the correct order, into the filter housing. Insert the circulating pump and the heater into the openings provided in the filter. Finally, place the filter cover on the filter and connect the electrical equipment to the power supply.

8. Install the light unit and connect it to the power supply. Place the cover hatches on the lamp to prevent condensation from escaping.

9. The run-in period of the filter may last 6 - 8 weeks. You may increase the number of fish in steps during this time. Tip: JUWEL bioBoost is able to significantly cut the run-in period in your aquarium. Billions of filter bacteria will be immediately activated when they come into contact with the water and so enable you to take your aquarium into operation more quickly. bioBoost is available from your specialist dealer.